Is Kate going to useHypnoBirthing?

Is Kate going to use HypnoBirthing?


By Carolyn Potter of Crowthorne Hypnotherapy

Everybody is talking about all things pregnancy related at the moment because the royal baby is soon to be born, and the word on the street is that Kate will be using Hypnobirthing to help give birth to the little royal bundle.

So what is it? Is it a load of bunkum, or is it something that really can help the Mum and the baby to have a safe and comfortable birth?

Well I run classes in this amazing method in Crowthorne, so you can imagine what my opinion on the matter is. Basically it involves using self hypnosis to help mothers ‘get back to nature’ and to allow them to trust in their own bodies to be able to birth normally and naturally without intervention unless it is really medically needed. It helps mothers to relax deeply so that they stay in control of their bodies and assists in helping them to have calm and comfortable births which often can even be pain free.

I thought that you might like to read an email that a Dad sent me last week about his and his wife’s experience. He has agreed that he is happy to share his words. As you can imagine he was initially sceptical about the whole thing, but just reading what he has to say about it is really quite inspirational.

I wouldn't say I was a sceptic but I really didn't know anything about hypno-birthing and what it meant - what it did mean in the end is that we did have the birth we wanted, Angela did not have any medical intervention and was more alert post birth than I ever thought possible, and little Sienna is a calm and peaceful baby.

Angela was a revelation, truly amazing, and a star pupil. I know she was anxious before finding out about hypno-birthing but she was truly in control and letting her body do what it was supposed to do. We didn't follow everything to the letter, but the concept was imbedded and we both knew what to do when needed. I was certainly more involved than I would have been, which was a great thing. Without hypno-birthing it would have been so different for me as well as Angela.

I guess the main points for me were that I understood, from you and Angela, that I had a role to play in the success or not of HypnoBirthing. I have heard several times the last few weeks the dad saying about being a spare part.

We had seen your Facebook posting about Kate possibly using HypnoBirthing. Because we really wanted the HypnoBirthing to work but were unsure whether it would, we haven't really discussed it with others.   As it has worked and we are aware of others who have also had success, we now wax lyrical about it!!

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