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22 September 2008Carolyn Potter Hypnotherapist in Crowthorne, Bracknell and Wokingham.

Welcome to my page where I will be adding articles that I have written, and also adding some thoughts and ideas about the way our minds work, and how we perceive the world around us.

To get things started, I have posted some articles that I have written over recent months. Some of these have been printed in Energies in Action, a bi monthly newsletter and also in my local NCT magazine. If you want any more information on these articles or clarification on any points raised then I would be really happy to discuss them with you.

The articles posted today are:

The Pythagorean Fork, can it help us change our lives?

Is hypnosis something to be wary of?

Confidence, the key to a happy life

Five Top Tips to Reduce Stress

Is Kate going to use HypnoBirthing? (new 2013)


3 June 2013

I have been really busy over the last few months both with seeing clients and also with family matters.  My youngest is now doing her GCSEís making me feel old and also refreshing my knowledge of Maths, French etc etc. as I help her with her revision.  My eldest two have now both finished their university courses so the family will be reunited again if only until they get their careers sorted out. Changing circumstances bring along challenges that we all have to face. Sometimes change can seem daunting, but it is all about how you face it and how you think about it that makes the difference between feeling stressed or positive.!  If you find the prospect of change so difficult to face that you steer clear of it in favour of a calm life, just think what you could be missing out on. If you need help taking that next step, just give me a call, because I can help!  For example, I have helped several young people scared about the prospect of university amongst other things!


12 November 2012

It has been a bit of a while since I posted here.  It has been quite a busy summer and now that we are settling down into late autumn/winter I canít help but think where did the summer go. Do you ever think that time is passing by and you wonder where it has gone. I can only say, that if this is the case then you have probably enjoyed yourself quite a lot!

6 March 2012

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me

This is what my parents used to say to me as a kid when I was called names at school.  How wrong this is!  Words are just as hurtful as physical blows. I have seen this with so many clients and had my own experiences of this as a child.  It is very hard to get over some insults, and I have seen several times that the people who have suffered at the hands of these bullies, end up feeling as if they were somehow to blame for it, that they somehow deserved to be maltreated. So yes, words do hurt. They contain emotion and create mental pictures in our minds.  I can help you to change those mental pictures, to stand back and look at these instances with adult eyes, so that you can see that you may not have been to blame at all.

So if you child is being bullied, I know it is tempting to use this adage, but think before you do.  It could make matters worse by making the child feel inadequate that they are being hurt and are somehow weak because they are letting the words get to them.  This expression may be true for some people but they would need to have the proverbial very thick skin. Typically those people who are bullied donít.

28 February 2012

The evils of sleeping tablets and insomnia

How did it suddenly get to be the end of February? Well I suppose that happens when you are busy and enjoying life.

Today I heard on the news that people who take sleeping pills are at 4 times great risk of death than those who donít. How awful is that?  Over these last 6 years or so since I have become more interested in health issues, I have become more and more aware that any medication that you take often has some unwanted side effects, some a lot worse than others. I fully appreciate that there are times when you just have to take medication, but if there is a natural alternative then you should really try this first. More often than not, I have found that a medicated  cure can be worse than the illness, so if there is a natural alternative donít you owe yourself the chance to use it?. 

From time to time I read and post things on Twitter and it always seems to amaze me and others just how versatile hypnotherapy can be in treating a whole raft of conditions from infertility to pregnancy, to coping with a snoring partner. Insomnia is one of those things that I deal with regularly, and Hypnotherapy is so effective at helping people get a good nightís sleep.

Regarding insomnia, I can help you learn how to stop that mind running away with you, which is one reason why people canít get to sleep. I can also help you to relax and fall asleep naturally. I can help you change your beliefs that are telling you that once you are awake you will not b able to get back to sleep. I can help you address issues with your sleep hygiene and use cognitive behavioural techniques to help you assess just how much sleep you are achieving.

So if you need help with this, then please do get in touch!  You know how to do this!


30 December 2011

On the cusp of a new year, what will it bring? I always find myself getting a bit philosophical around now and I think that it is such a shame that we tend to forget so much in life that happens to us. A busy life means that everything happens at such a pace that we donít even notice what is happening around us, and some of lifeís best experiences can almost pass us by.  So I think that might be my resolution for next year. Try to live each day as it comes and appreciate each moment as it happens. What is your resolution? Be less stressed, control your anxiety, get in touch with the confident, slim person inside who is free of cigarettes and other toxins?  Whatever it might be, at least make the goal achievable. I can help you in lots of ways to make the path easier for you.... if you let me. However you decide to do it, I hope that 2012 is a great year for all of you!

6 December 2011

Iíve not been able to upload this page for so long that many of you may feel that Iíve gone to sleep.  Definitely not. The old brain has been buzzing with lots of stuff. I have completed the HypnoTension programme which will help people control their blood pressure. Measured my own this morning, and before trying to upload this yet again, it was actually at an optimal level.  Long may that last. High Blood pressure is responsible for millions of deaths in the UK every year, and even a small reduction in it can go to reducing your risk of death.  Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!, Well, no donít, I want you to give up smoking!!!

5 June 2011

I have been trying to get this page to reload up to the server and for some reason it doesnít want to go, so I thought Iíd would try again.


2 June 2011

Another long gap, but itís all good...

Every so often I come back on here and am amazed at how much time has passed since I last made an entry. I suppose the reason that so much time has passed without my noticing is because I have been so busy.  My practice is getting much busier, and I am seeing many more clients that I was a few years ago. Many of these are now coming to me because they have been recommended by other clients which is always a great thing to hear.  In my work I am always happy to receive recommendations from satisfied clients, however because I tend to deal with a lot of very personal issues, often clients like to keep quiet about the fact that they have seen a therapist at all, which of course is not particularly good for spreading the good word about!

The more work I do the more I am become  convinced that the key to the vast majority of peopleís problems is confidence.  If you look above then you will see that this was one of the first articles I ever wrote. Although you may be confident in dealings with other people if you donít have confidence that you can confront and defeat your own demons then you will struggle to succeed.  To do this you need to quieten that inner voice of doubt, that can undermine you. You need to actively give yourself lots of encouragement, praise and virtual pats on the back.  This is the core of CBT, and obviously if you want to know some more about this read more of the articles on this site, or contact me.

Wishing you all a pleasant June, and who knows when I may blog again.......


8 February 2011

Hey, finally the sun is shining after a really long miserable winter.  It snowed again, but this time it was cold and miserable and the sun didnít come out and make the place beautiful as it had the last time.  Today it really feels like spring. Bring it on!!!


31 December 2010

My family and I have had a really good year this year. We have all been pretty healthy, I have seen more clients than ever before, my daughter secured the grades she needed for university, and the low interest rates kept the mortgage manageable!  I know however there have been an awful lot of people who are close to us that had a really terrible year. There have been bereavements, illnesses, divorces, financial troubles amongst other things, and there will be many people who will be only too happy to kiss 2010 goodbye.

Is there anything we can do to make sure that 2011 is better?  By looking at things in a more positive light, it will help you to be a bit more balanced. Nobody is denying that some things hurt, or are really difficult to cope with, however not allowing yourself to wallow is the key.  Next year will be better for you. Set small achievable goals for yourself, and praise yourself when you do achieve them, and then build on your success. Concentrate on your successes and learn from the less successful attempts, (notice , I didnít say failed) for example were the goals achievable in the first place?  Above all be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself.

So hereís to a Happy New Year 2011

13 December 2010

Christmas is nearly upon us.

Yes, only 2 weeks to go until Christmas, and then it is the New Year 2011, and it all starts over again. People  put such pressure on themselves over Christmas, and really there is no need. There is a lot to do, but it is only one day. That is what you have to remember. Just one day.  Enjoy Christmas for what it is, a chance to get away from the daily grind, a chance to be with the ones you love.  It is not a reason to go prematurely gray.

So, Happy Christmas to one and all, I hope you have a good one.

1 November 2010

Where does the time go to?   Oooops! That is the second time I have used that title........

You know, I was sure that it was only the other day that I last wrote here, but obviously it isnít.  Time passes so quickly when you have a lot going on. I have been very busy seeing clients and working hard doing giving group classes in self esteem and stress reduction, and generally dealing with a developing business. Also home life continues to be as demanding as ever being a mother and wife. I have gone on several additional training courses this year too, constantly expanding my skills and refining those skills that I already have. I am now at the stage where I am still learning new information about conditions such as infertility and tinnitus, but learning more about how to use the skills that I already possess to specifically target those problems.

What I have found this year through my additional and continuing studies in medical hypnosis is that many medical conditions are either brought on by, or made worse by stress.  Now, a lot of people when talking about stress visualise the stressed executive doing multi million pound deals in a high powered office in London.  However I know from personal experience, and from talking to others in a similar situation as myself, that a mother coping with a family and home and possibly working as well can just as easily be the feeling the effects of stress. Apart from feeling that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, it can make you ill, so it is something that you really need to learn how to deal with.

So , how do you deal with it? Well read my short article that I have posted here, and perhaps come to one of my workshops that I am intending on running in the New Year.

12 March 2010

Join us on Facebook

I have just started a Facebook group under the name ĎCrowthorne HypnoBirthingí Here you will finds links, other snippets of information, and dates of the classes that have already been booked and are running in the next few months. If you donít see a class that suits you, please contact me as I still may be able to cater to your needs...

So please come and join us there!

Click here! to visit group

8 March 2010

HypnoBirthing featuring on Five TV, ĎThe Wright Stuffí

I just received an e-mail this morning from another HypnoBirthing practitioner containing a link to the about programme which was aired last Friday. On this programme, Nadia Sawahla talks with huge amounts of passion about her wonderful HypnoBirth.  She managed to finally convince a really skeptical Matthew Wright that it was possible to have a birth without pain, and she described a wonderful sense of euphoria afterwards. If you are considering doing HypnoBirthing you really should watch her talk, as her passion is very typical of that experienced by many of my clients.

Click HERE to watch this clip


28 February 2010

New Technologies open up a world of possibilities.

It never ceases to amaze me that time passes so quickly when you are busy and enjoying yourself. It feels like only yesterday that I was writing that last piece on New Yearís Eve. Well I hope you had a good one, and wasnít all that snow amazing? Business pretty much ground to a halt, but it gave families the opportunity to spend some time together and have fun. I think it brought communities together too, so all in all it had itís positives.

Since then I have set up Skype consultations, and have already done my first one. Skype is a remarkable innovation, and I suppose being a keen fan of Star Trek as a youngster,(okay that tells you something about me!) I just love being able to do what Captain Kirk used to do and talk to someone on the screen in front of me.  It is free to use, and really opens up the opportunity for you to pass my details on to your contacts who you might feel could do with my help, but live too far away from me to see me on a regular basis.  I did this because I was hearing far too often the words, ďI  know my father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, friend etc, could really use your help, but they live in ......, and it is too far to come to see you.Ē  Now I can help them, because it is like being in the same room as them.  I can see their faces, and their body language, and they can see me too Contrary to popular belief, I donít have to wave a pendulum in front of people eyes to hypnotise them, and the effects are just as impressive.

So if you do know anybody who can benefit from my help, do pass on my details and as you can see, distance is no object!


31 December 2009


Well I am writing this on the brink of a new decade and wonder what the future will bring to us all. What will be commonplace 10 years from now? Will I be sitting writing a blog for a website then, or will it be a totally new type of technology?  Who knows, and for some people not knowing can be quite scary.  It can make them feel anxious and unsure, and lacking in confidence.  Fear of the future, or of the unknown is not uncommon, but you know what I say, it is all in the mind, and anything that is in the mind can change with the help of Hypnotherapy!

What I do know is that it is time for me to put away the inevitable Christmas sweet tin. , and focus my mind on the immediate future. (There are only the yucky soft centres left now anyway! )   I , like many others of you out there will need to brave the weighing scales, and take positive action in the New Year.  However I regret nothing, because regret like guilt is a wasted emotion.  I enjoyed Christmas and I embrace the idea of a fresh start. For those of you that need some extra help doing this, you know where to find me.  The good thing is that there are no VAT increases here!!!  Also there is a special New Yearís offer of 10% off a series of 4 sessions booked and paid for before 28th February.

27 November 2009

Why are people so prejudiced?, or how is hypnosis similar to a knife?

I was a little shocked the other day when talking to a friend of mine who was experiencing panic attacks.  She was really suffering with these, and feeling very low and miserable. We talked a bit about how to overcome them, and went through some CBT principles.  When I suggested that hypnosis could help her accept positive thoughts more easily, she responded that no way, on principle would she allow herself to be hypnotised.  I think the principle was on religious grounds.  Over quite some time, she has tried to get me to say that hypnosis is spooky, and magical and that it dabbles in the occult, but of course I wonít say that, because in my instance it is certainly not true. I use hypnosis solely for the purposes of helping people get better, release their negative thoughts, and accept new positive ones which are more helpful to them.

Now , why or how you might ask is hypnosis like a knife..? Well, when I was chopping the vegetables with my new, super sharp knife the other day, this thought occurred to me.  It was after my conversation with my friend, and needless to say this had been on my mind.  My new knife is wonderful, and I wondered why I had struggled with a pathetic smaller blunt one for all these years.   Now I think we all accept that knives can be used for all types of things.  They are very useful tools, and of course some of the things that they can be used for can be quite dangerous, and I donít doubt that there are some uses for knives in occult practices too. However, would you on principle back away from using a knife to cut up vegetables, because it could also be used in other ways???    Of course you wouldnít. It would be ludicrous to do so, so in just the same way, I suggest that it is ludicrous to back away from using hypnosis as a tool to help yourself get better, just because you have a belief that some people may have occasionally used it for purposes that you donít agree with.

So if you know somebody who is standing on some false principle like this, perhaps you can pass this analogy on to them,  I would be interested to hear their reactions!

16 November 2009

What is happiness?

I watched an old Columbo movie on ITV yesterday whilst doing the ironing, and two of the characters were having a discussion. One of them, who was living under quite emotionally stressful circumstances said that there were more important things in life than happiness, to which the other one questioned, Ďwell what?í

Indeed, there is very little that could be put ahead of happiness. Some people might seek to put financial stability there, but , but when you stop to think of it, would this be correct?  Is financial stability the same as happiness? Certainly if you donít have financial stability , that can certainly impact on happiness, but there are far more other factors involved.

Many of us know people who seem to have it all, but yet donít seem particularly happy. Why is that? It could  be a lack of love in their lives, or are they just looking at the world through muddy glasses?

Your attitude to life is all important.  The way you frame your thoughts can make the difference between feeling happy or feeling put upon, depressed or dissatisfied with life. The way you frame your thoughts can make leave you feeling small, inadequate, and lacking in confidence, and that is not a very good recipe for happiness is it?

So what can you do about this? Do you have to live you life like this?  Is what your are thinking actually true? Is it helpful? If a friend were saying these things to you, would you accept them?  All of these things can be changed, and I help people to do this every day.

I use Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to help people make those changes to the way they frame their thinking, and it really works. People leave here feeling far more positive and confident, and I do believe ,a lot more happy.

So if you feel that you need a little more happiness in your life, then you know what to do... Give me a call and make an appointment, because you wonít regret putting a bit more happiness into your life, in fact you will wonder why you didnít do it years ago!


29 September 2009

Where does the time go to?????

I decided today to have a quick look at the blog because I hadnít updated it for so very long, and I could not believe that it was nearly 6 months ago that I last wrote here.  That doesnít mean that I havenít had some fairly profound thoughts since then, just that I have been so busy that there hasnít been time to get here. 

I have really enjoyed this summer. I had a nice holiday with the family, and did a lot of reading, both for pleasure and work related material.  The interesting thing about the field that I work in is that you never stop learning, simply because there is so much to learn.  Even with issues that I regularly deal with such as weight loss or smoking cessation, each new client that you meet brings a new aspect to your understanding.  The other amazing things that I have found is that when I do a new bit of reading, or learning, then along comes a client to whom it applies to. Perhaps it is fortuitous, or not, but that doesnít really matter as long as it helps the person I am working with.

There are two other things which are relevant to be mentioned here.  I am now up and running on Skype so could conduct consultations at a distance if necessary, so if you need to talk to me, but feel that you are too far away, we can still have have a face to face chat if you have Skype too.

The other thing is that several HypnoBirthing babes have been born, and I have started holding coffee mornings for the Mums to come along and increase their social network. It is really lovely for me to see these little babies, and also for the Mums in waiting to hear positive stories of other peopleís births. We have had two of these coffee morning so far.  There are a few babies still to be born from classes already held, so I will probably be holding another coffee morning in the next few months, so if you fancy coming along, please call me for dates.

31 March 2009

HypnoBirthing Information Evening

This happened tonight at the Crowthorne Chiropractic Centre, where I will hopefully soon be holding some of my classes.

Well , if you are reading this now,  you have missed it, and it was really inspiring to hear Hayley and her husband Jon talk about the birth of their lovely little girl.  They spoke so passionately about how Hayley felt no pain at all throughout her labour, how her midwifes were all amazed at her calm and serene labour.  It was truly lovely to hear it all, and to see their faces glow when they spoke of what was a truly magical experience for them.

Hayley has kindly agreed to speak at another event again, so if you are interested in coming along to another talk like this in the near future, then please call me, or send me a contact form. Many thanks to the three of them for coming along to make it such a special event.

 1 February 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.........

It has been a while since I have updated this page because I have been so busy.  I have had so many clients through for all types of things, and it is really rewarding to see them make tremendous progress, and positive changes to their lives.  So many of them have been set free of the limiting thoughts that have held them back, and it is really lovely to see them being able to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures that many of the rest of us take for granted.

I have also been running a series of stress busting workshops for women at a local childrens centre. Some of these women are coping with very difficult situations at home and at work, and generally are struggling with confidence and self esteem issues. I have been using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to help them identify errors in their thinking patterns.  It all sounds quite complicated, but in actual fact it is very straightforward, and these ladies say that they are really enjoying it.  It can be very liberating to see that you are not the only person in the world who thinks that everything that goes wrong is 100% your fault and you are a complete failure as a result. 

I really must applaud the manager of the Childrenís centre for her foward thinking in asking me to run this course.  It really has the capacity to help these people to be more positive, and be empowered to take control of their thinking patterns and their lives. Six hours of group sessions may not completely change their lives, but hopefully will give them a foundation to work on if they want to.  Hopefully this course will run again later in the year, and I will be able to help many others too.

Stress is stress, and it does not matter if it comes from the difficulties of dealing with children and family life, or from a high level well paid job.  I have been in both situations and I can vouch for this.  This course would equally be appropriate for a corporate situation, and it is my intention to approach some larger companies to see if they are intereted in taking this on too.


22 December 2008

The Jeremy Vine Show

I just had to add this note here today.  I have been sent a link to download a segment of the Jeremy Vine show on one of the BBC channels....Sorry, I donít listen to an awful lot of radio so I donít really know which BBC channel it came from.  Anyway, this segment was about hypnosis, and asked if people were scared about it.  There was a hypnotherapist on the show being interviewed having helped one lady who has stopped smoking. She was a BBC employee and she said that having had it done that morning she felt really positive and calm.

They then had a phone in with various people calling in with their comments and experiences, which were all (almost without exception) positive. There was even a midwife who called in and explained about her experiences of seeing women labour so calmly and peacefully using HypnoBirthing.

It was such a positive review of the uses and benefits of hypnosis that I thought I would enter the link here so that you can visit it and listen to it yourself. I can tell you how great hypnosis is, but I know that you would rather hear it from people who have used it and experienced it themselves, from the horses mouth as you might say.

So here is the link.....   Enjoy it!


16th December 2008

The time seems to pass so quickly especially when you are busy.  I have been seeing more and more people lately, and the the message that HypnoBirthing is as great as it is  seems to be spreading.  I was lucky enough to talk to the local midwifes recently and explain all about HypnoBirthing to them.  They seemed to receive it well. It is really nice now, that when my clients come along to have their babies with these midwives that they will know how to best support them, so this is all really positive.


15 November 2008

The Credit Crunch -the greatest proof that suggestion works!

In the last few weeks there has been nothing but talk in the media of the Recession, and the Credit Crunch, and how things are bad.  Then they lower interest rates, but the media kept on telling us that things were bad.  So what happen, the public wholeheartedly accepted the suggestions that the media have been giving them.  They have completely taken on board the suggestions that we will all be poor and we should stop spending.  Pretty much the entire nation has responded to these suggestions and have stopped spending.  This is in spite of the fact that for the vast majority of people they have not experienced any hardship so far as a result of these economic woes.

Most people in secure employment have continued to receive the same level of income each month, and in fact many of them will be significantly better off because of the interest rate falls, but because of all that they have been hearing, all the suggestions being fed to them daily by the media, they have chosen to stop spending, and therefore they have indirectly caused there to be  problem. Once people stop spending then businesses suffer.  When businesses suffer they make staff redundant, so they have inadvertantly being causing their own demise.

To me this is the greatest proof that suggestion actually works. Suggestion is delivered in all sorts of ways through TV, radio, and advertising.  We are exposed to it everyday.  When you  focus your attention on something you effectively become hypnotised, and in that state can take on all sorts of suggestions, and as far as I can see this is what has happened to the population.  Suggestion does work.

 So is all of this getting you down? Is the constant talk of doom and gloom getting to much for you?  In these times it hepls to keep as positive an outlook as possible, and that is not easy if you watch telly, or listen to the radio or read the papers, especially the tabloids. So my advise is turn it all off, and settle down with a meditation CD and focus on yourself for a while, and just enjoy what you have. Be conscious of the suggestions you have been given, and carefully choose which ones you want to accept.


23 October 2008

HypnoBirthing -The word is spreading........

I went to the Earls Court Baby Show this last weekend and met many expectant parents who were all very interested in learning more about HypnoBirthing. This is wonderful.  It really is such a wonderful programme, and I sometimes feel that I should shout it from the rooftops. It was really refreshing to see that midwives were referring loads of people to our stand, as they so thoroughly support the programme.  My sincere thanks go to all those dedicated practitioners who organised the show, and I look forward to seeing some of the people I met at the show again in my HypnoBirthing classes over the coming months. By doing a HypnoBirthing course you are definitely giving yourself and your baby the best chance of a calm,comfortable, controlled and natural birth.  I was also lucky enough to hear from the mother of the latest HypnoBaby in Crowthorne, and delighted to hear of what a fantastic birth she had. She has kindly given me a testimonial and I have posted it on the HypnoBirthing page


15 October 2008

If life was like a bar of chocolate, would we ever get fed up with it?????

8 October 2008

What is reality?

I was reading a book the other night, and this was a question asked at the end of a  chapter.  The question was paraphrased from a book by Trevor Silvester, and posed the question ĎDo we ever really know what reality is?í  Our perceptions colour our reality all the time. Take this example. Say you were at a party, and something happens, for example someone spills a drink or breaks a glass or something similar.  If you asked three different people to describe what happened and the events leading up to it, they would probably all describe it differently. The key elements would be fairly similar, but depending on what else they were doing, or looking at, there may be bits they missed, or angles they did not see. So what really happened, and can any one person give a full and accurate account of that?

The answer is probably not.  What we see and hear form the basis of our perceptions  I should change that last sentence though, because it is not what we see and hear, it is what we think we see and hear.  Our self esteem and confidence may take a downward slide when we think someone is criticising us, but are we seeing all of the picture? Are we engaging in thinking errors when we think we can mind read? Are we deluding ourselves, both positively or negatively?  Are we letting our unfounded negative thoughts get us down? Is it sapping our self confidence, and making us feel low?

The way to change this is to do some work on identifying those negative thoughts and turning them into positives. A cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist will be able to help you to identify what your negative thoughts are, and will also help you to open your mind to other possibilities of realities.  They will help you to work out whether these thoughts are in fact true, and if so just how true they might be. It could turn out to be only 10% true, and if you turn that around then it may be 90% untrue. Most people would regard that as a low level thought, and seeing things like that can help you get things into perspective.

So if negative thoughts like these are getting you down, you know what to do, give me a call and I know I can help you fee better, more positive and confident.  I have seen it happen and it is great to see. People walk out of my rooms with a gleam in the eyes, and you know and they know that they feel better.

28 September 2008


I have just been thinking about this.  It is after all what the biggest part of my job involves, because it is what most people come to me to achieve.

Change can be scary. To change you really need to do something different. If you keep doing the same old stuff you will continue to get the same old results. The problem is that although you want to change one aspect of your life, you are usually quite happy with the rest of it.  However you need to look at everything, because no one area of your life can be taken in isolation.  Everything needs to be reviewed to achieve change.  Many things may not need to be changed as a result of your review, but there may be elements of routine things that you do that will need alteration to achieve the desired results.

For example, I know one person who has a spider phobia.  She spends her life avoiding dusty, and disused places in case she encounters a spider.  She could tackle the spider phobia headlong in hypnosis, and probably would conquer the phobia quite easily, but she would also need to adapt her behaviour and her attitudes to dusty and cobweb ridden places.  She would need to be happy to embrace the idea of visiting them, and poking around in their corners. That would mean changing the habits of a lifetime, so would she do it?   Perhaps she will, perhaps not who knows? More to the point, would you do if you wanted to get rid of your phobia?

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