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The applications of hypnotherapy are as varied as there are medical conditions, and I regularly read of new applications.  Here are some examples of the more common applications:

Depression, Self Esteem and Low Confidence

So many people suffer from low self confidence and their self esteem is in their boots.  I fully appreciate the misery that this can cause, and how it can affect your daily life. Helping people overcome this is where a large portion of my work comes from, and where I can help you make huge changes to your lives using Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.  If people are feeling confident they can tackle problems in all other areas of their lives.  Read more about this on my page about CBH and in my article about ‘Confidence- the key to a happy life?’


I am finding that in recent years I am seeing more and more people for anxiety issues. I have found that in many instances, anxiety and depression are linked with negative thinking patterns and low self esteem. If you are suffering with this then I can really help you to sort this out using Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Techniques (CBH).  I can help you accept that you do not need to be hard on yourself and help you to find ways of letting go of worry. Also you can learn deep relaxation techniques which are good for calming yourself down in the many difficult situations that you may find yourself in, and I can help you feel good about being you. 

Smoking cessation

We all know the health warnings, and now it is illegal in to smoke in enclosed public places.  Hypnotherapy has an excellent success rate with people who wish to live a smoke free life, and tests have been done which prove that it is twice as effective as a means of quiting as nicotine gum, which is the alternative most often recommended. If you truly want to quit, just one session of hypnotherapy may be all you need.

You will receive a free support CD to help you through in the days and weeks following your session, and you can have a free back up session if you feel you need it too. Visit the Stop Smoking page for more information

Weight loss and healthy eating

Why are we overweight? Because we eat too much? Because we exercise too little? Because we never know when or how to say no? Because somewhere deep down inside there is a bit of a self destructive streak that stops us from helping ourselves? Whatever the reason, Hypnotherapy can help, be it on the superficial level of simply helping you to become more motivated to eat better, or take more exercise, or to take control of your appetite, or at the deeper level of examining why you are like this in the first place.

To read more about Hypnosis for Weight loss Click Here

Conceptions and Fertility issues

I am a certified HypnoBirthing Fertility Consultant, which means that I have  specialist knowledge in this aspect of Hypnosis..  I can help you to overcome many issues which may be standing in way of you conceiving naturally, and I can also help and support you deal with the stress that can arise when you are having IVF treatment, making IVF more likely to succeed.   

Fertility is an issue for so many people these days. My work with pregnant women has shown me what a complex and wonderful thing  the human body is, and in particular how our mental state can affect how we conceive and give birth to children. There is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence to support the fact that we can conceive when we are mentally ready to do so, and start labour also when we are mentally ready for it to happen.

Research has also shown that people are far more likely to become pregnant if they are not stressed, and if they are not creating personal blocks for themselves. Also if you are receiving IVF you will also be struggling with the emotional ups and downs that are a side effect of this treatment, which in itself is likely to cause stress. (Click here to read more)

IVF is a huge investment, so why not give hypnotherapy a try first. Obviously there can be no promises here, but inevitably during the therapy you will learn skills to relieve  stress that you can use in the future no matter what the outcome may be.


If you are pregnant please go to the HypnoBirthing pages to see the wonderful benefits of using hypnosis in childbirth. Hypnosis can give you a much better labour than you would otherwise have had, and if not completely pain free, then certainly a lot more comfortable than it otherwise would have been. You will feel calm, in control and relaxed.

High Blood Bressure - Hypnotension programme

If you have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure you may be facing a lot of uncertainty about the future, and the effects that high blood pressure may have on your life. You will probably only have had a limited amount of time with your GP and not had an adequate explanation of what you can do to reduce it yourself (beyond ‘reduce stress , lose weight and eat healthily’, all of which can often be easier said than done!)

Simply by reducing your BP count by just a little you can significantly reduce the more serious repercussions of having High Blood Pressure.  I won’t say them here because your doctor has probably already scared you half to death!

Using the Hypnotension programme, I can help you to work on the more obvious ways of reducing your blood pressure, and also help you to investigate any other issues which may be causing your blood pressure to remain high. 

The aim of the therapy would be to help you to achieve a fairly consistent reduction in your blood pressure readings  over a period of time, which could then be reviewed by your doctor when making decisions regarding any medication which you may be taking. Click here to read more about this.

Pain Control

Sadly there are many conditions where the only treatment available is for the control of pain.   Clients can learn to practice self hypnosis to control this pain, thereby minimizing the amount of painkilling drugs they need to take.

Performance anxiety, Driving tests, Exams etc

This covers many applications, be it stage fright, exam nerves, fear of public speaking or performance, or lack of confidence in social situations.  Hypnotherapy can really help in these situations to instill confidence in the clients as they engage in those activities which are causing them anxiety.

Coping with Stress.

Stress is a modern day killer. It can cause many illnesses and many nearly every illness worse. It can stop people from being able to conceive and get in the way when giving birth. Stress evokes the fight or flight response in our bodies, and increases our blood pressure and heart rate ready for action, however usually there is no action.  Stress is often thought to be most prevalent amongst busy businessmen or women, however it is just as likely to be the mother coping with household and family commitments and work commitments who feels stress at unbearable levels too.  Hypnosis, and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help you  cope with stressful situations and help you to achieve a sense of calm and inner strength to deal with situations as they arise.


If Tinnitus is a problem for you, you will know that there is no medical cure for it, however that does not mean that there is no solution available to you.  Often tinnitus can be a huge problem for sufferers, and their families. Sometimes tinnitus sufferers can think they are going mad, which causes them huge amounts of stress, which in turns makes the tinnitus worse. This can also trigger them into falling into a state of depression.  Many people however have managed to train themselves to ‘put tinnitus in the background, and now claim that they are free of the problem by using hypnosis.  I have undertaken specialist training in this area and as a result I am uniquely placed to help you to overcome this dreadful problem, and to regain a positive outlook on life.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There is huge evidence that IBS can be helped enormously with the use of hypnotherapy.  There is a medical doctor in Manchester called Dr Peter Whorwell who has opened an NHS hypnotherapy clinic to treat clients with the worst cases of IBS, and he has achieved some great results which have been documented and published. Using a treatment model based on his own I too can help you to achieve improvements in your condition.

Fear of flying, needles and other phobias

I look at the words that people search for in Google every so often and was surprised to see that fear of flying was at the top of the list. This is one fear that affects so many of us because we want to be able to enjoy holidays abroad without worrying about getting on the plane first.  It is not suprising then that this the phobia that I have treated the most  often, and with great success.

Fear of spiders, needles and flying are probably the most common phobias that are talked about, but there are many different phobias, fear of public speaking, water, escalators, buttons.... The list is endless.   It is truly wonderful to see a client suddenly free of a phobia which has held them back in the past, and to see them move forward with their life with confidence. This happens with remarkable regularity! Phobias can often be treated in just a few sessions and the changes are so liberating that clients are often amazed that they haven’t done this before.

Insomnia and sleep problems

Are you struggling to get off to sleep, or do you fall asleep okay, but wake up worrying?  Are you struggling to cope with a snoring partner?  We need our sleep to recharge ourselves just as a mobile phone battery needs to be regularly recharged. I have successfully helped clients with these and many other types of problems to reestablish their sleeping patterns and to regularly get a good night’s sleep. Read more about this on my blog.  Click here to visit it.

Visiting past lives

Have we lived before?  This is something that we see in the media from time to time. Whether it be purely for curiosity, or for a therapeutic reason it is certainly fascinating to explore your past lives.  Many people feel that it helps them to deal with current life problems, and you never know what you might find out.

If there are any other problems which you wish to discuss to see if hypnotherapy can help, feel free to contact me by filling out the form  or phone on 07774 890064.

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