Reiki Attunements

Carolyn Potter, Dip Hyp, HPD.,GHR reg,MNCH reg
Hypnotherapist and Reiki Maste

Can I learn to channel Reiki too?

Yes, by participating on a reiki course, and receiving an attunement, you too can learn to channel reiki energy.   Reiki attunements are carried out at three levels:

Level 1 - Self healing, and healing family members and friends.

Level 2 -Practitioner level, using symbols.  Also learn how to send distant healing.

Level 3 -Master Level.   Consolidating your skills and being attuned to Master Level.   Learning how to attune others into reiki.

The advantages of being attuned to reiki are listed below:

  • Being attuned to reiki will help you heal yourself and others
  • It is sometimes said that that it helps to develop your psychic abilities
  • Reiki can be used to send distant healing to others far away.
  • Reiki can bring an inner calm to your life.
  • Once attuned to reiki, your experience of a reiki treatment can improve enormously.

Courses are held on demand, so if you are interested in being attuned please contact me to discuss it further.


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Carolyn Potter giving seated reiki treatment

A full Reiki treatment can be administered on a chair, and the front and back of the body can be treated simultaneously.

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