Reiki For Animals

Carolyn Potter, Dip Hyp,HPD., GHR reg,MNCH reg
Hypnotherapist and Reiki Maste

Can animals receive Reiki too?

All animals respond really well to Reiki, and it acts on the same way for them as it does on humans.  Obviously if your animal is unwell it must be seen by a vet first, but with his or her agreement, Reiki can be administered to help with the natural healing process or to provide comfort to an animal in distress. 

Reiki is particularly good for settling down animals who have recently been operated on, allowing them to fully rest , recover and heal.   It is also useful where there is little that can be done by the vets to treat an animal, as in terminal cases, or cases where the prognosis is poor.  It can also help in deteriorating conditions such as arthritis.

Animals are best treated in their own environment to minimize the stress a visit to the ’surgery’ involves. A Reiki treatment for an animal involves the therapist sitting quietly with the animal in whatever position is most comfortable and practical.  Usually the animal itself will determine the length of the session and will move away when it has had enough.

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Carolyn Potter's Dog who loves Reiki

Joe regularly receives and enjoys Reiki.

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