Benefits of HypnoBirthing

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The Benefits of HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing® has many benefits for all the parties involved in the birth.

For Mother and Baby

During Labour

  • For the mother, the need for pain relief is massively reduced.  
  • The likelihood of tearing while giving birth is also reduced, due to a really simple perineal massage technique which is explained in class. 
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    • HypnoBirthing® also helps to deal with and release any personal fears or emotions which the mother may have about the birth.
    • Both parents learn how to stay calm and in control. and mothers also learn tried and tested breathing techniques which actually helps them to birth the baby. 
    • HypnoBirthing® is also reported to significantly shorten and simplify the labour, and as a result it produces a more calm and relaxed baby.

    After the labour

    • Mothers are energised and in good spirits after the birth, and are better able to enjoy their first encounters with their precious newborn babies.
    • Babies are reported to feed and sleep better as they are less likely to have experienced a traumatic time during their birth. 
    • They are also more likely to have an improved Apgar Score at birth.
    • Post Natal depression in mothers who use the HypnoBirthing® method is said to be significantly reduced.

    For the rest of your life

    • The ability to stay calm and in control will stay with you over the coming years and will stand in good stead throughout your life as a parent.
    • With HypnoBirthing ®you learn how to use self hypnosis, and by learning this you have acquired a valuable life skill which can be put to use in many ways throughout the rest of your life.

    For Fathers or Birthing Companions

    Fathers or birthing companions in a HypnoBirth have a major role to play.  During the pregnancy they work with their partners in preparation for the birth, in a way that can  help them bond with both their partners and the babies.  During the birth, the birthing companion’s involvement is vital in assisting the mother to stay as relaxed as possible.  Some people have said that birthing companions have the most to do in a HypnoBirth!

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