Stop Smoking

Carolyn Potter, Dip Hyp.,HPD, GHR reg,MNCH Acc
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

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Do you really want to give up smoking?

Have you struggled to give up in the past?

Do you feel you need more help to quit?

Have you been inspired by others who have used Hypnotherapy to quit?


If your answer to some or all of these is yes, then I know that I can help you to quit smoking once and for all.

The use of Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is one of the most common and well known uses. It has been proven to be three times as effective than the use of willpower alone, and twice as effective as nicoteine gum.

You donít need me to tell you all the reasons why you should quit. Reasons are all over the media and I am sure you yourself are feeling the ill effects that smoking is having on your body.  However just one two hour session could be all you need to break free of this habit that is enslaving you.

My aim in the session is to show you how to quit, and to build your motivation and confidence in yourself . I also build in suggestions that you would expect such as a disgust for the taste and smell of cigarettes, and an absence of desire to smoke

As smoking is a chemical addiction I donít think it is a particularly good idea to Ďweaní yourself off cigarettes, so for that reason I do the smoking cessation treatment in a single two hour session, and at the end of that session you will be smoke free. Obviously hypnosis is a collaborative process and some willpower on your end will be needed, however you will find this a lot easier than ever before because you will be so focussed on becoming a complete and permanent non smoker. 

That two hour session is also supported and backed up with a support CD which I supply at the session for you to listen to at home, and a short follow up session is also available Free of Charge should you find that you need it.

So if you are ready, then just fill in the contact me form below and I will be back in touch with you straight away, and you could be smoke free in next to no time! 

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