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Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy by Carolyn Potter

What can it do for me?

 Do you lack confidence?  Do negative automatic thoughts ruin your life?   Do you struggle to control self destructive behaviour?   Are you depressed?  If the answer is yes then read onů.

 What is it?

 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) works on changing your negative cognitions, (or thoughts) about yourself or your circumstances into positive cognitions, which will allow you to approach life from a more positive perspective.   A cognitive behavioural therapist will also work with you on learning new behaviour skills to enable you to deal with issues arising in your life, for example working on techniques to control panic attacks.  They may also work with you on thought stopping exercises, or teach you relaxation techniques designed to counteract stressful situations.

 Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) is where CBT is combined with hypnotherapy to produce a more effective form of therapy which often can produce more rapid results than standard CBT alone.

 Many studies have been carried out on the effectiveness of CBT and it is one of the most evidential based therapies, proving conclusively that it works.  It does not rely on any one belief system, and does not challenge the spiritual ethos of the client.   Because of its strong evidential base it is the treatment of choice in the NHS for the treatment of certain psychological problems.

 So what does this mean in practical terms? 

 CBH helps people to identify where their thoughts are negative, destructive or unhelpful, and helps to re-programme them using hypnotherapy to think positive thoughts . This helps clients to deal with depression, self esteem issues, low confidence issues and self destructive behaviour.  It is also is used in treating the areas that are usually associated with treatment by hypnotherapy, such as smoking cessation, weight loss, dealing with phobias etc.

 How do I book a consultation?

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