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Classes are held in Crowthorne, East Berkshire, close to the Surrey and Hampshire borders

Would you like to have a comfortable and peaceful birth for you and your baby?

  • Would you like to get back in touch with your body, and put aside those horror stories you hear of long, painful and distressing labours?
  • Do you want to have a labour that is free of drugs, so that when your precious little baby arrives in the world, happy and alert, you too are happy, calm and alert and ready to start your life together feeling wonderful?
  • Would you like to reduce the risk of tearing or being cut?

Parents eyes pop when the realisation dawns on them that birth does not have to be painful, You can see them marvel at how calm and peaceful the women are who are giving birth using  HypnoBirthing ® in the videos we show them.  You can see them putting themselves into the picture of achieving wonderful births, and they then go on to achieve them.

HypnoBirthing® is a revolutionary system which aims to restore childbirth to the celebration of life that it deserves to be.  It puts you the mother back in touch with your body, so your body can do the job that nature intended it to do, without any fuss or intervention. HypnoBirthing® can have many benefits for all involved in the birth.

So, how do we do it?

Research has shown that if women are free of fear when they go into labour, they can experience a labour that is very comfortable.  Fear creates tension in the body, and this in turn creates a lot of the pain in labour, so if you can let go of that you will have a much better birth experience.  In our HypnoBirthing® classes you will learn how to release the fear and worry that you may have connected with your birth.

With HypnoBirthing® you will learn how to use self hypnosis skills to allow you to become incredibly relaxed, so that your muscles can work without getting your brain involved. Let’s face it, when our brains get in the way, that is when things go wrong. Our brains tell us we have something to be frightened about, and then we make ourselves frightened as a result, that causes our bodies to seize up. HypnoBirthing® works with you to build your confidence in your own birthing body so that you can have trust in it and allow nature to take it’s course.

Will it work for me?

We cannot guarantee you a completely pain free and intervention free labour, because everybody’s anatomy is different, and you never can predict what might happen when you go into labour, but you will achieve a labour where you will feel in control, and it is guaranteed to be a more satisfying experience than if you had not done the course.

I can guarantee that you will finish the class feeling really positive and really looking forward to your upcoming birth, rather than dreading it. You will feel fully prepared for the birth in an emotional and spiritual sense. You will also feel more connected to your baby, and be really looking forward to welcoming him or her into your family.

Whether you are a first time mother, or have had several babies before, HypnoBirthing can help you to achieve a state of complete relaxation which will eliminate the fear and resultant pain of childbirth.

HypnoBirthing® courses are a complete ante-natal education in themselves, and they aim to equip both you and your birthing companion with everything you need to know to achieve the natural birth that you want for your baby.

Why choose my classes?

There are several reasons why you should choose to come to my classes. I see the following reasons as being some of the most important;

  • I am a fully certified HypnoBirthing® practitioner , and I teach the programme in the way it is intended to be taught, over five sessions. Some teachers shorten the course, but the facts are that there are better outcomes for those parents who prepare for the birth over a longer period, rather than those who try to cram it all into one weekend. Would you prepare for your driving test just over one weekend?
  • I am a fully qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist so if there are any underlying issues or fears which are standing in the way of you having the birth you want, I have the skills and expertise to assist you to deal with these, and often they can be addressed in the class setting, especially if it is a private class.
  • My classes consist of small groups of only two or three couples at the most, which makes it a very intimate setting, and ensures that you can receive individual attention. I also offer private lessons which means that you can feel completely open to share your fears, emotions and concerns should you have them.
  • I have recently started to offer coffee mornings to both new mothers and expectant mothers currently attending classes. This means that you can come along and meet some other Mums who have successfully used the techniques and receive their feedback.  This also has the benefit of extending your social circle.
  • I am a mother of three, admittedly born before HypnoBirthing® was available in this area, however I have seen birth from both angles, having had a classic interventionist birth, followed by two natural births. I can and do understand the challenges facing women in labour and can help you find strategies for meeting those challenges using HypnoBirthing® techniques.

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held either in Crowthorne or even in the comfort of your own home. They are run either over 5 consecutive weeks on a week night, or over 5 Saturday or Sunday workshops.  As long as you book on a part one course, first, the other parts can be completed at your convenience, or even on a one to one basis To find out dates of forthcoming courses visit the HypnoBirthing Course Dates page or get in touch now to see if we can book a course convenient to you.

You only have one chance to birth your baby, so it is up to you to make that birth as great as it can be.  HypnoBirthing® can help you achieve that peaceful birth that you so desire.

Nine months can seem such a long time to be pregnant, but when you are going through it , it can pass by in the blink of an eye, and if you are not careful it can be too late to take action to prepare yourself for birth, so make that call or email sooner rather than later, to ensure that you have adequate time to prepare yourself as much as possible. The more time you have to prepare the easier it is , so get in touch now

What if I need A Caesarean Section?

A lot of parents worry that if they ultimately need to have a c- section that they will have wasted their money on class fees.  This could not be further from the truth. Most c-sections are carried out as emergency procedures following a ‘trial of labour’ where the Mum goes into labour spontaneously, and can often labour for many hours before the decision is finally made to opt for the c-section.  This may be for any number of reasons.  The point is that even the women who have had emergency c-sections used their techniques whilst labouring, and HypnoBirthing made it a much better experience for them.

Even women who have had planned c-sections find it really useful to have done the course.  I recently received these comments from one such Mum who discovered at over 41 weeks that her 10lb 8oz baby was breech and needed to be delivered by a planned c-section.  She wrote this a couple of weeks after the birth:

I had to write to you just now to say that I'm still using the relaxation breathing as there's lots of times that's required e.g. the breathing to stay calm during breast feeding, the birthing affirmations of trusting my baby and my body regarding breast feeding and my healing etc but the one that's helped the most given the amount of painkillers I'm on (which all cause constipation!) is the birth breathing to help me go to the toilet. I would have been in bits this week if I didn't do the relaxation!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that whilst I didn't get the natural childbirth I feel positive about how the experience has gone and a major part of this has come from the HypnoBirthing techniques, classes and practice. (Claire in Winnersh)

What do other parents say?

These are the comments of four mums who recently gave birth following my classes   My thanks go out to them for sharing their stories so that you can see how effective HypnoBirthing can be.

This story is from a Mum in Farnborough who birthed her baby in Frimley Park hospital

Wow Carolyn the birth was absolutely amazing. After two weeks of surges and labour starting and stopping, Saturday was just amazing. I almost delivered him at home! My surges started 9.00pm Friday evening but were very light. I had a lot of blood loss that night so we went to the labour ward to get checked over and was I fine.  I was one cm dilated but was fine and had no idea labour was now on its way. We got home in early hours 3.00am and my membrane broke. An hour or so later the surges got closer. I stayed in bed, in hypnosis right through till 1.30pm when I took another soak. I suddenly had the urge to push. I just about got out the bath, was pushing at home and could feel head crowning.

I also want to highlight how supportive my partner was. He just kept massaging my back through the stronger surges which were closer towards delivery.

He didn't even realise how many " in-between surges" I had as I remained in hypnosis through them. It was only the very strong ones he was able to time as he could see I was having them. It truly is amazing how powerful the mind is and just how you can tune in to pain relief affirmations to such degree.

We made it to hospital at 2.10pm and I was doing my j breaths. My baby was born by 2.25pm! I literally walked into the delivery room and just had to push him out. I used long deep breaths. The placenta was naturally delivered too. My perineum didn’t tear however my baby came out with his arm alongside his head so had I had some tears to labia which weren’t too bad. Again, as with the HypnoBirthing videos we watched in class, our baby was birthed and was not crying with his eyes fully alert.

I was elated I had done it without any medical intervention. I was amazed how deep in hypnosis I remained and just how far gone I was before thinking I should consider going in to hospital.

Hypnobirthing was amazing and am so so glad I did it. It literally let my body take control and it was the most amazing experience ever.

Thank you so very much

It truly was such a beautiful experience.

 Kay, April 2013

This story is from a second time Mum in Sunningdale:

“Through the HypnoBirthing method Carolyn thoroughly prepared us for the birth of our little girl.  As the due date drew closer, our excitement and joy built.  The euphoria I felt when my waters broke was equivalent to the discovery of a full stocking on Christmas morning. 

For the next three hours I had a slight sensation of tightening. Then I could feel these tightenings getting more intense and together with my husband we concentrated on the visualisations and rainbow relaxation.  We went to hospital and it was only half an hour before I felt the most incredible urge to push.  A very busy midwife quickly confirmed I was 10cm and it was time to bring Amabelle into the world.  Five minutes later she arrived, looking absolutely beautiful and with no interventions or complications - exactly how I envisaged. 

The whole birth from waters breaking to delivery took 5 hours and will always remain one of the most powerful and valuable experiences of my life. HypnoBirthing completely removed fear from the equation so I was able to enjoy birthing my daughter.” Maddy in Sunningdale


 This second story is from a first time Mum in Crowthorne who had a home birth:

We have had a beautiful baby girl  on the 14th October, born at home with an extremely quick labour. I had  been doing the relaxation techniques from the beginning and whilst I was waiting  for the midwife to arrive, I was imagining blue satin ribbons whilst pacing in a  circle slow breathing - contractions coming very quickly. When the midwife  walked through the door my body was already trying to push at the end of a  contraction. She examined me and I was fully dilated and she was shocked. Eva Rose was born at 1.33am weighing 7lb 15oz, after a 5 hour labour.

 I really believe the HypnoBirthing  worked fantastically and the midwives have already asked about it as something  they should mention to pregnant women. Every midwife I have met in the last week  have been so surprised at the speed of the labour and at how calm I was.   Gemma, in Crowthorne


This third story is from a second time Mum in Crowthorne who was induced and birthed in hospital

After an incredibly traumatic labour with our first daughter Evie, I was determined to make my second the most special experience that it could be. We were planning on having a home water birth but found out about HynoBirthing fairly late in my pregnancy, so Carolyn worked with us in our home doing an intensive course. We focused on releasing our fears around birth and learnt the HypnoBirthing techniques that would enable a smooth and natural experience.

 At 38 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with cholestasis, a condition that can cause sudden still birth and maternal haemorage. As a result I wasn’t allowed to progress with the home birth as I required constant monitoring and needed to be induced as quickly as possible. We were incredibly disappointed, but felt that HypnoBirthing  had armed us with skills to make the best of a bad situation.

 I was admitted on New Years Eve and after two failed induction attempts, I was given until the morning until I would have to consider a C-Section. Obviously this was the last thing that we wanted and so I saw in the New Year listening to my Rainbow Relaxation CD and focusing on my Rose bud visualizations. 

 After a nights rest, at 8am on New Year’s day my waters broke and I was experiencing very mild period like cramps in my lower abdomen. After having breakfast and a shower the midwives said that I could go across to the delivery suite. When the midwife was handing me over to the new ward, she said that I was in established labour and was experiencing 3 contractions in every ten minute window and that they were lasting 50 seconds…I don’t know who was more surprised me or the midwife who was taking over my care!! I wasn’t experiencing any pain and was just using my relaxation breathing techniques to remain calm and focused on the day ahead. We explained that we were following HypnoBirthing techniques and asked for them to not refer to pain, pain relief, to speak to me unnecessarily and keep a quiet peaceful environment in the room. They very happily obliged, turned all the main lights out and left me and my husband Jon to relax with our HypnoBirhting CD on. The hospital staff  were having to keep check on the baby’s heart rate and fetal movement trace regularly, but they did so in a very unobtrusive way and kept any necessary conversation to a whispered minimum. At 10.30am my cervix had opened to 3cm and the midwives said that they would try to leave me alone as much as possible, but nothing was likely to happen till later that afternoon / early evening.

 At 11.30am the baby’s heart rate had elevated and they were concerned that she was distressed. They advised that the maximum that they were prepared to wait to see if it settled was an hour and if it didn’t then we would have to consider our next move. At 12.30pm fortunately her heart rate had returned to normal parameters.

 My surges at that time became much stronger and felt very intense, but not painful. I remained focused on what they were achieving and knew that with each one we were getting closer to meeting our baby. The only way I can describe the sensation I was experiencing is like the feeling during a good work out, I could feel the muscles working effectively and knew that I would see results from my body’s effort.

 Suddenly during one of my surges I felt out of control and unable to focus. It suddenly dawned on me that I was going to have to remain in this state for a number of hours and was I actually capable of doing so? I turned to Jon and said that I needed help. From our training with Carolyn he instantly recognized that I was in transition and just supported me through that phase with our deepening techniques. As soon as that surge was over I felt totally at peace again and ready to return to my sleep like state that I’d been happily in all morning.

 With my next surge everything felt very different and I had a very “full” feeling. I knew in my mind that my baby had started to come down and that I needed to shift to my ‘J’ breathe to help her do so. I just laid and relaxed  and tried to give her the smoothest path possible for her to work her way along. On my third ‘J’ breathe I felt like I had just done a poo which didn’t bother me as I thought “at least I’m breathing properly!”, at which point I heard the trainee midwife call (in a very shocked manner) to the midwife that I had delivered the baby, I couldn’t believe it!! As I opened my eyes they passed me my gorgeous little baby girl. It had taken me only three long breathes to complete my second stage and it didn’t hurt at all. I had no tears and I felt totally euphoric. The midwives couldn’t believe that I had managed to progress and deliver the baby in such a short period of time and done so in such a serene and obviously pain free manner.

 Meeting our beautiful daughter Ruby-Mae was such a wonderful experience, one that was very different from the way that our first daughter Evie had arrived. Delivering Evie was a mixture of overwhelming love and utter relief that we had both survived the experience. Birthing with Ruby-Mae was an enjoyable experience that we shared together and one that we had practiced night after night on the buildup. Meeting her was like a formality to the relationship that we already had.

 Ruby-Mae is a very contented and alert little girl, who relishes peace and quiet. She was a healthy 7lbs 9ozs and took to breastfeeding straight away after delivery.

 I can’t thank HypnoBirthing enough for giving me the beautiful birthing experience we had and I hope that more and more people get to hear about the benefits.

Hayley in Crowthorne

The fourth story is from a first time mum in Sandhurst who had a home birth

Thank you so much for all your help in preparation for the birth of our daughter in September 2009.  We were able to have the natural birth we desired at home.

HypnoBirthing helped to give us the confidence that a natural childbirth can be comfortable. In practising the techniques before the birth we formed a strong bond with our daughter before we had even met her, and we feel that she is a very contented and alert baby because of this.

Thank you again for all the effort you put into the course.  We know that we will use the HypnoBirthing techniques in the future.

Caroline in Sandhurst

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